March 31, 2016

Writing Reviews as an Easy Way Passive Income

Are you looking for an effective passive income as a blogger?
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If your blog is chosen by the advertisers, you will be notified via email with the advertiser's details, keywords needed for the review that you are about to write, deadline, price and other information that you need to know. You will then accept or decline the proposal.

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LinkVehicle include following categories
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July 12, 2015

Basic Needs Artwork and Other Materials for Grade 1

At a very young age, it is very important to educate our children the importance and difference between the basic needs and wants.

Basic needs as we all know are the things that we cannot live without like water, shelter, food, and clothes, While the examples of wants are the toys, television, and other material things they enjoy.

Today, we asked three simple questions, and maybe you can ask your kids as well.
1. What are our basic needs?
2. Why is food important?
3. Why are clothing, shelter and water also important?

July 09, 2015

Comparing Numbers (<,>,=) For First Grade

For 3 days we are studying comparing numbers. We are using Math For Life 1 textbook by Rex Publishing.

I taught her single - 3 digits comparisons since I am mixing our lesson with place value from ones - hundreds. So we are learning 2 Math lessons at the same time  I think it supplement each other so I am doing this as my technique. As an additional materials, I found some online games related to the topic just click Internet4Classrooms to to straight to the online games we used.

I believe being able to teach our children with number comparison at an earlier stage will help her determine higher numbers for her future Math lessons. It is also relevant in real life situation.

June 29, 2015

Patinig at Katinig Worksheet for Grade 1

I dowloaded this worksheet for Bernice since we are also studying vowels and consonants in her English subject. Feel free to download her or you can visit the website.

If you are a Filipino Homeschooling family and you have resources for Filipino and Aralin Panlipunan subjects that you can share, please comment below. I will compile them as a resource page for the other Filipino homeschooling families like us. Thank you.

June 28, 2015

The Rainbow and God's Promise to Noah

I read to Bernice about the story of Noah from Genesis (Old Testament) as our Bible lesson which we will tackle for 1 week through story reading, activities, and artwork.

She is shocked when I told her that God wiped out the humanity through the flooding. I also asked her to re-tell the story based on how she understood it. Her comment was, "Because people became bad and they are punished by God." Which is totally correct.