November 15, 2010

Benefits of BPO

The growth of the Call Center Industry in the world has doors to every race.

In the Philippines alone, according to a research, BPO industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006. In 2008 this boom has led the Philippines to be the third largest BPO country in the world after India and Canada.

The Philippines has become a destination for outsource call centers due to less expensive labor and operational costs, and Filipinos are well versed in English on both written and oral practice. Call Centers do not have specific college degree requirement. It offers opportunity to everyone willing to be trained and can communicate well. Since then, unemployment in the Philippines went down.

Working in a call center industry though takes a lot of courage and sacrifice. You need to be up at sundown. That's when you have to start your day. Midnight is your lunch break. It's a bit sacrifice not being with your children sharing bedtime stories with them if you are a working mom, or not being with your friends on a night out. What is wonderful in this career though is meeting a lot of friends,  you call your boss on a first name basis, free coffee, high medical insurance and the SPIFFS or freebies!

You can earn as high as Php50,000 or more if you are exceptional. This needs a lot of training and wit. You will get a lot of "no's bleeds" when you are in sales or irate customers in customer service. But still rewarding when you get you get  a tap on the back with a closed sale or a high customer service rating.

Working in a call center is also a competition. You need to get tougher among others to attain your goal and overcome rejections. But most of all, this is a privilege given to every Filipino to help us bring food to our table and sustain our needs and wants on our every day life.


Anonymous said...

nose bleed?...

nice acticle

Golden Thoughts said...

when you are working in call centers you will meet a lot of uninterested customers. that's when you have "no's bleed" :)

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