November 14, 2010

Bernice and Barney

Bernice, a 1 year and 5 months little girl has become an enthusiast of Barney, Angelina Ballerina and other kiddie shows.
She started watching Barney 3 months ago when she woke one early morning. Since then, she would usually start her day by watching her favorite Barney shows.
I could determine when she likes to watch these shows when she would get the remote control and give it to me while pointing the television set.
Realistically, she is too young to determine her favorite episodes. But I would like to share with my fellow moms, how astounded she was when she first saw Barney. She woke up one early morning and crying, asking us to go out of the house and maybe play with her fellow kids or to have some walk. I was a little busy at that time when I thought of checking what kiddie programs was available at 6AM. I opened Playhouse Disney Channel. There! she saw Barney in amazement. She went to the sofa and sat at the corner focusing on Barney alone. She laughed out load when Barney and his friends started to sing the I love you song.
I realized from that moment that she likes the song. As a mother, I memorized its lyrics and has become our theme song at home. Her dad even sings with us everyday. Bernice, sways her head and hug mommy and daddy every time we sing it together.
Every morning I always tell her to be friendly like Barney. She just nod her head in approval. That’s way, I am not surprised that whenever we go to the church, mall or anywhere, she always sways her hand and say HI to everyone even to a beggar, from a newborn baby to the oldest she meets. People also responds to her by smiling and saying HI back to her and it makes her really happy. If only she would remain a child so she would only see the goodness in every eyes. But as every good mothers desire, I also wanted her to grow up to fulfill what God has called her for.
I consider Barney and other shows as an avenue for me to teach my daughter what is good and right. In which I’m sure she will carry on as she grows older.
Molding a child is like molding the world.


daddy said...

miss you bernice...

daddy said...

i love you...more than anything in this world...

Amber Baqui said...

This is a lovely post, from a mother to another.

Thanks for following, I have followed back :D

bong said...

i wonder when would the article about "the one lovely boy" be written on this waiting... :)

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