November 20, 2010

Children are Special

Every children have different ways of being in this world. There are children who enjoys attention. Some wants to be alone. There are who love to play and outgoing. While others are shy and quiet.

No matter who they are as an individual being, they are to be treated equally and should be given 100% of our care and love as their parents. We should always be there to understand them. Also, teaching our children the right way and good behavior are as important as providing there basic needs such as food and shelter.

This is something they will carry on as they grow older. This is something they will need to communicate and create good relationship to there fellow. Children do not know why they misbehave. They do not understand why they are hurting somebody. They live on a "trial and error" basis. Whatever the result of their actions and if it pleases them it will continue. Our presence is important as they grow to guide them no matter how busy we are with other things like career or business.

We are parents. It is our duty to always find time for them.

Explaining them the result of there action is essential to make them realize what they have done and this would lead them to what they will become.

Finally,let us learn to listen to what our children have to say. When someone is "heard" it can change how they feel and act. Listening skills build better relationships with your children and can help you discover what your child is feeling.

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Vhen said...

that's why being a SAHM is quite dutiful yet very fulfilling..

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