November 23, 2010

My hubby is a Certified Facebookter

These days where a lot of social network services pop up like mushrooms, we can't deny the fact that everyone is taking unrestrained pleasure and enjoying every surfing moments.

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook who helped my husband come out from a nutshell. It's really a funny thing to remember when he created his facebook account. At first we share this account together but I just realized that he changed the password and told me to respect his privacy. It's not that he's having monkey-business over FB but I guess it would be better to create my own too. So I did. And we are friends on FB! Great, right? lol

FB is what I think completes his evening. His sleeping pill. After dinner, when I don't use the laptop, he would take his chance to check who messaged or invited him on FB. He spends so much until wee hours chatting and reading news feeds from his connections.

He is a private person, but he is now sharing his photos and pieces of life with his friends and colleagues.

I guess FB has made him more sociable in a way. It made him reach out to his long lost friends and love :)

I do not discourage him to use FB at all because I know how much he's enjoying the service. Aside from his family, its his avenue to reload and to make him ready for another day's workload.

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