November 14, 2010

My money-making experience in the comfort of my home

I would like to share to my readers about my experiences by making money online at the comfort of my own home.

Being a hands-on mom of a 1 year old girl has been a great challenge and the most wonderful experience to me. I provide all her needs and wants (when possible). I have learned that being a mother needs to be available and ready anytime, 24/7. Providing my daughters needs is not just what I do but I also make her every day full of fun and a learning experience for her development.

However, this situation is not hindering me of being productive, money wise. I discovered the money-making benefits through the use of the world wide web. There are a lot of websites that provides this opportunity especially to mothers like me. There are Pay-per click websites, online marketing, online selling, and even websites where in you can showcase your profession such as engineering, accountancy, education, web designing and a lot more.

Some websites I found beneficial are and You can add too.

Currently, I work on as a Data Entry Specialist in which I earn a decent money to help pay our utility bills and mortgage.  That's not all, I also have a part time telemarketing job of 10hrs per day. The point here, is that you can have as many jobs as you want as long as you are not compromising your quality time with your kids and family. Remember, they are our priorities in life.

I earn money while I'm playing and bonding with my family. Another reward is the avoidance from hassles of traveling and traffic. Which is cool! Right? lol!

To all hands-on  mothers like me, our situation doesn't mean the cul-de-sac of our success. We can always become professionally inclined and money-makers in the comfort of our own home. As I go on, I will share with you some points I have learned on how to catch employer's attention working on these sites. So watch out  for that :)

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