November 14, 2010

A Short Story Of Love

My family decided to visit my parents at our province last October.
The place where I grew up and learned a lot things about life was a 4-hour drive from where I currently reside.

It was a sunny Sunday morning of October 24th, 2010. I was excited to visit my old church. We attended a Holy Mass. Everybody are blessed after the praise and worship part just before the holy mass. Some were crying and dancing in which maybe being blessed by the holy spirit. We shared our peace and love to everyone.

Our church is considered a family church, since everyone are almost relatives. Parents bring their children with them too. Every church  members look decent with their clothing. They all look accomplished and well-off people. The holy mass is being started by lighting the candle and ended by blowing the candle off and closing the Bible on the Altar. The Deaconess (Pastor's assistant), would usually assign members of the congregation to do this things.

The priest started the mass and shared the sermon. The sermon was about reaching out to people who needs help and guidance. That could be emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. Share what we have and do not ask something in return.

The mass was about to end. The organ played its interlude and two children are going on the altar to blow off the candle and close the Bible. It was a girl and a boy around 9-10 years old. The girl was dressed with a beautifully designed pink dress and wearing laced white socks and a shiny black-shoes. I recognized her as the granddaughter of one of the prominent politicians in our place. While the young boy was undeniably poor just by looking at him. He was wearing a close -to- rug t-shirt and pants. He was only wearing slippers with a hole on its sole. My heart cries when I saw that everybody are all well-dressed except to this young boy.

While on our way home, I was thinking if was I only the one who noticed him? Or everybody saw him but they just didn't mind. I thought to myself, how many of us who attends church holy mass and went home empty handed? When I arrived, I asked my dad if he knows the boy. He said, the boy's family is poor. His father who is a drug addict left them when he was just a little boy with his younger brother. His mother works as a maid who only earns 3000 pesos or USD73 a month.

My heart cries just by thinking about him.

This reminds me of a story I learned when I was just 10 years old from that church. It was christmas season when everybody are all excited on what to give on the altar as a gift on Jesus' birthday. The christmas holy mass was held in the evening. The Pastor standing on the pulpit said, "Brothers and sisters, you can now offer your gift to the Lord on the altar." 

One by one they went up and gave their offers. Some gave a basket of fruits, a sack of rice, a bouquet of flowers, groceries, money, etc. Everyone brought there gifts. But one little boy went to the altar with an empty basket. Every body was shocked and looking at him in question. The boy headed the altar without hesitation. He put down his empty basket and he sat on it.

This story is about giving our life to God above anything else in the world. After all there's no poor or rich in the eyes of God. The boy I saw from my old church is the same boy from that story I heard 18 years ago. i have learned the our situation in life is not the what matters but our heart willing to love and serve for the glory of God.

We are now back in the city where my husband and I live and work. Up to this point, I'm still thinking about this boy. I still can't help but cry in clemency. I hope I could find the courage to go back and help him. 


Anonymous said...

so it...looking back, i might be luckier than him...i saw the boy too...i saw myself 20 years ago!

Annabelle said...

My prayers to you and that boy..Hoping that sooner you can find the courage and means to go back and help him..Same situation but we have Bunso(joshua)..We love him dearly and thanks to my brother Boboy and his family to have that open arms for Joshua.

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