November 27, 2010

Visiting Noel Bazaare

It's 2:30 in the afternoon, everybody is dressed up ready to jaunt and rush to the Noel Bazzare before it ends this week.
Sigh! our sweet daughter however is still asleep. So I have to wait a little longer and bridle my excitement for a bit.

This is my firat time to visit the Noel Bazaare in World Trade Centre after learning about it last year's Christmas season. It's going to be different this time because I will be with my daughter. I was thinking to buy her a pair of pajama or a walking short. It depends on what catches my eyes later.

Now, just to ease my boredome waiting for this sweet cuddly i thought of checking my blog and see what's going on today. I don't have much followers yet since I just started two weeks ago. But I hope I could meet more bloggers more particularly SAHM's or WAHM's like I.
And if you please leave a comment on how to improve my blog, I would really appreciate it. :)


sleepinl8 said...

Hmmm.... improvin' the blog... i was a newbie not too long ago, I started on December
5th. So, improvements? Maybe a few more of your own pics on the sidebars, maybe a poll, a slide show, more word messages, quotes, etc. Feel free to clutter up your page. Go to design, then a blank space and click 'add gadget'. there are plenty of cool add-ons to choose from there. Please check out my blog here if you get a chance:

Golden Thoughts said...

Hi sleepinl8. Thank you for the comment. Honestly, after I wrote this topic, I never visited my blog again. I have a home-based job where in I need to research with blogs that allows guest posting. I saw many blogs about parenting and I suddenly felt I need that I need to update my blog and be active. I will follow your comments. Thanks lot.

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