March 27, 2011

How much time do you spend with your kids?

One of the benefits of being a SAHM is the quantity of time spent with their kids.
It means longer hour of play, which kids certainly would enjoy.
And the availability of mothers being around when their kids need them.
Time really is an important ingredient to parent and child relationship.
As they always say, the best way to show your love to your children is through time.
Parents can always say "I love you" in many ways, like providing needs and buying
their children's wants but spending undivided and focused time is beyond compare.
Having time with your kids not only create a stronger bond, it also helps establish a good
relationship between you and them. You will get to know more about your children and in the process,
they will feel more confident and at ease which in the end will lead them to be more closer and open to you as they grow old.

Whereas, time less spend with kids would bring future problems. Some children would prefer hanging out with friends
Rather than with parents, because in their early years they didn't experience a close relationship with their parents. That's why
They try to look for it outside their respective homes and seek time from others.

On the other hand, its not all about the quantity that matters, but the quality of time spent.
This means, how did you spend that time with them.
Is it in productive way or just a mere togetherness.
Some parents misunderstood it sometimes. Spending time not only means having a close proximity, but the undivided attention you give with them.
When you talk with your kids, stop whatever you are doing. When youre watching tv and your kid wants to talk with you, should you turn it off or talk while

As a SAHM myself, I got plenty of time to spend with my daughter.
But honestly, sometimes I am not sure whether I spent it on quality basis.
Our daily routine involves feeding her in the morning, bathing her, let her play,feed her again at lunch time then watch tv until she fall asleep.
When she woke up, we eat our snack then I spare some time teaching her a lesson from her books, and when she whine she's tired already I let
Her play again until dinner time approaches. After that, I take her to shower then she spend few minutes to play and watch again. Sometimes, she will ask me to read
A story book and then sleep. Of course in between those activities, I never forgot to do my other duties at home.

As for those working moms, I can't speak for them enough.
I know its harder for them. Who wouldn't want being around with their kids more often, right?
Their time is divided between work and their kids. Its like having two jobs at the same time.
But then again, I hope being tired from work is not an excuse not to spend time with your kids.
Make time,that’s it.

Guest post by Venus Layugan. A first-time mom, SAHM. Please feel free to visit her blog and learn more from her. Everyday is A New Day! A Great Life

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Sean and Lisa said...

Aw what a beautiful little girl! You are BLESSED momma!
Enjoy every precious minute kissing those cheeks! :)
Much love!

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