March 25, 2011

What makes me happy about?

It's early in the morning, my daughter approached me and as what she always do whenever I'm infront of my laptop, pulled my arm and said, "ab u" (Love You). Wow! I was surprised. Never a day I failed to utter those words to her. Today is the first time she said I love you back. What a great feeling...

Miss Bernice is my greatest joy. Today I would like to make a journal of the things that makes me happy about as her mom.

*She just said I love you today. It makes me the happiest.

*I love when she calls me Mommy. Sometimes Ma-Ma. A confirmation that I am really a mother now. Gone are those days when all I think is Me, Myself, and I.

*I'm happy when she grabs the grocery bag to help me out.

*She thinks she can clean the house. She wipes the table with her baby wet tissue while I clean. Very helpful!

*It makes me smile whenever I see her smiling, dancing, or singing. Very talented!

*I'm happy when she goes to bed early. Which means I can work early and more time to blog.

*I'm happy when she naps longer hours in the afternoon. Which means, again, I can have longer hours to blog and surf :)

*I'm happy when she eats lots of veggies. Her health is my priority.

*I'm happy when she attends Sunday school and when she's behave in the church. I want her to be closer to God as she grows.

*I'm happy when I shop for her. Buy her needs on top of what I want to buy for myself. Motherhood makes you selfless and more giving.

These are just few of the many things that makes me happy about having her in my life.

How about your happy moments with your child. I want to know too. I'm sure we have many things in common. Let's start counting them today!

Wearing her dad's sunglass         


Tammy said...

Isn't it fun watching them develop and grow...and the helping clean the house made me smile. I remember my kids helping when they were that age...too cute! Happy Weekend to follower.

SmartyMommy said...

Hi Tammy. Thanks for the follow. I hope they really would help us clean the house when they grow older :)

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