March 21, 2011

Our daily routine

While I was doing my online job as a researcher, I came across with different websites and blogs about work-at-home and full-time mothers like me. I read some of the blogs about saving money like making home-made cookies for your children snack time instead of going out to your favorite bakeshop and spend some penny. I also read an article about a mom's fulfilling experience by homeschooling her two sons. And a mom's indulgence to traveling as her way of teaching her daughter and making her aware of how beautiful our world is for children like her.

Today, I suddenly missed my blog. Without a second thought, I started writing this article.

I would like to share with you my daily routine as a WAHM and a mommy to a 1 year old girl who loves fun and play. I usually start my day with a coffee. Taking time to think of what important things I should do for a day. My daughter is still in the middle of her sleep at 7AM, although she sleeps early at night :). So I take this chance to make time for myself. Sipping a cup of coffee is really invigorating. It makes me alive and think fast.
Normally, when my daughter awakes we would go out for a short walk. Showing her the birds, moving leaves, greeting passers by, etc.

She takes a bath at 9am preparing her for a day full of fun and learning. I take 2 hours of my time every morning to work as an online researcher. I found my home-based jobs on Before the 2-hour work ends, she will approach me, pull my arm away from my laptop and says "mommy". It means, she needs my time (again) and wants to play hide and seek.

In the afternoon while she takes her 2-hour nap, again, I take the opportunity to work. I always find time to work and earn extra. At the same time, I always have moments with my daughter. Every moments with her leads her to learning few things everyday. At her age, she can utter the words "thank you", "please" and "take care". Sometimes I got so surprised she learned words just by wtching TV programs and cartoon shows.

My life is not as complicated as other moms are. But no matter what we do and how we practice our life, gives great impact to our children. Balance time with work and family. The more time we spend with our children, the more they will become prepared when they grow up. We have different ways of spending quality time with our kids.

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