November 17, 2011

Safe home for babies

Keeping home safe for infants means understanding your home very well knowing everything that is in the house and where it is kept, in many homes there are a lot of plastic things. Serious health risks have been associated with plastics substance which contain some hazardous chemicals , for your baby's sake you need to know more about all the plastics that are in your homestead a little better.

In many modern homes people make use of microwave e\oven to warm baby’s meal or drinks. It’s wise to use glass dishes. Using plastic containers in the microwave releases harmful toxins which came into direct contact with heated food or drinks. It is not safe to heat plastic baby bottle with milk in a microwave. The best method will always be boiling water in a dish and you place your baby’s bottle with milk in the water and allow it to stand for a few moments.
It is regrettable to know that large number of infants die every year due to freaky accidents that take place at home. The main reasons that contribute to this problem are lack of home safety features. It is important to use home safety features that will provide a safe and secure atmosphere for infants.  Some important safety aspects in your home are stairs, bathroom, electricals appliances and bed room and many others.
Staircase safety

Infant will be greatly be interested in going upstairs since they will like to know more of what goes on in the upper room. Innocently the infant will not be able to decide between right and wrong, to them stairs is like a mountain they like to climb upon. There are many kinds of accidents that occur due to many problems that are associated with stairs. The best methods to avoid this accidents is by making use of various kind of gates that will act as barriers. This will help in keeping infants out of those dangerous regions. 

Electrical appliances

All the electrical appliances need to be out of reach. These are heaters, cords, lamps, power outlets and other furniture that use electricity. This will make sure that your baby will not get his hands on anything that can cause harm to them.

Infant bed
Make sure your baby’s mattress fits the bed well and not snagging. Remove the plastic covering and make sure there are no pillows, toys or puffy beddings, when the baby goes to sleep. Remove anything that could block her nose causing her not to breathe well and avoided any kind of suffocation.

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