December 15, 2011

Doing All The Best For Her

I’m counting days. Not only because Christmas is coming but because husband is arriving. I remember when I started counting months, wandering when is he coming back home to see her little girl. Our daughter was only 1 year old. 

Living our lives separately as a couple is hard. Well, at first it was hard. As months and days pass by I was able to adjust. Thanks to Bernice who became my source of happiness and strength. Keeping myself busy as a work at home mom also has help me a lot.

My husband works in Saudi Arabia as an Engineer. The pay is better compared in Manila. However, despite this huge benefits and income, we have to sacrifice for the sake of our daughter. We aim to provide the best for her. Of course, that’s what every good parent wants for their children. 

I fear of leaving my daughter with nothing. Dramatic as it sounds. I used to be self-centered individual who hates kids. I only think of myself. What a twist of fate! Motherhood has taught me to live selflessly. Really things happen when you least expect it. I feel rewarded because of this. I strongly believe God knows what we need in life. She gave me a family, though the head is away, the light still shines bright to keep us together despite the distance.
Celebrating Daddy's b-day through chat

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