December 15, 2011

I felt I am a mom when…

I heard my daughter uttered the word “mommy” the first time.  It was a glorious moment because I was so excited to know how it feels like to be called mommy.

Also I felt I am a mom when one time we were having snacks. She almost finished her food when she wanted some more. She looked at me and point at my sandwich saying, “Mommy, I like some more” and so I gave mine.

Finally, I felt indeed that I am a mother when she got sick for the first time. I was so worried and crying when I prayed, “Lord please make me sick instead of her.”

You can have something to share. What was the moment when you realized you are a mom and there is no turning back? 


QueensNYCMom said...

I am following you back from hop. I'd have to say 1st time i felt like a mom happened on mother's day when i felt my son kick me for 1st time.

Elizabeth Aquino said...

QueensNYCMom, that's funny. Do you remember what it was like to be kicked by your own child? When my daughter slap my face for the first time, i got really hurt (I mean emotionally). I asked myself, is this what my mom felt when I did this to her for the first time?

AnneM said...

When I found out I was pregnant. Something inside of me said that my job was now to protect my child no matter what.

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