December 10, 2011

A Li'l Sacrifice Means Great Happiness

Doing things that makes you happy is an important thing. Doing the things to make your love one happy is a different thing. A little sacrifice on your end, maybe? But it could be rewarding. You maybe surprised!

I am work at home mom and literally a stay at home. I only  go out when I need to go to the bank, grocery twice a month, or go to church every Sunday. But when bringing my daughter to amusement parks or playgrounds are somewhat a sacrifice for me to take. I am a literal home-buddy.
Great thing is that she has a baby sitter to take her around when she wants to play outside with other kids.

My first boat ride experience at the zoo. Thanks Bernice.

I've been living in the city close to zoo for so long, and yes,this was my first visit. When I was still single my world was just in my apartment and work. Boring as they say, but this is where I was happy the most.

My first visit to the Ocean Park, Manila
My first visit to SM North. lol!
 Everything happened this year. I owe everything to my daughter. I know I'll have more "first times" with her. We will both share experiences with as she grows. We will have a lot of happy memories and great learning activities to share with each other.

To my daughter these adventures we have are her happiest moments. She always remembers Mommy Elephant and Baby Turtle who fell on the water after climbing from a hedge. She always asks me if we could  go back to SM North because she wants to ride on a carousel repeatedly. Knowing this simple sacrifices I had to make to make her growing a happy one, is the most gratifying as a mother.


SavingsInSeconds said...

Thanks for visiting my site, I'm following you back!! Love the pics of you and your daughter, so cute. Looks like a fun day!

Mom Daughter Style said...

haven't been to Ocean Park in Manila. I followed your blog and I'll put your link at my blog link exchange page. Thanks.

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