December 09, 2011

My "WAHM Thing"

What a great morning to start my day! Today I started with a cup of coffee while answering text messages and inquiries of buyers on my online store.

Yesterday I made a great profit with my baby products I sell via I have shared some tips and secretes about how my online selling business started and my success in this field on my Super Social WAHM blog site.

As a WAHM I do a lot of things to earn. If you are a WAHM or planning to be a WAHM don't be afraid to take this great step as it can be rewarding if you know what you really want. Visit my Super Social WAHM site to help you in a way and learn some tips. Of course,whether to do it or not, it's up to you :)

It took me a year to convince my husband that I can work at home. That I can earn even from staying at home. He's skeptical at first. And maybe he was pretty right because I was not paid on my very first project. This experience did not hinder me to move forward. I never lost hope. Now, I am happy with what I have become. My sacrifices paid of and there is not turning back.

Now I can say, I can be a WAHM for the rest of my life while raising my family.

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