December 18, 2011

What Gift For Your Man This Christmas?

Seven days more to go, are you  done shopping? I bet you already know what to give for your children, as always they have this long wish list ready even before September comes. But this is not about your  children. I don't know about you, but every time during especial occasions, I always have trouble thinking and looking for a especial gift for my husband. I must confess, I go through this every year, during his birthday, father's day, our anniversary,  Christmas. Sometimes, I ended up with nothing. What a shame!

Since I am practicing frugality these days :) I have some ideas on my mind in which I would like to share with you all.

Leather Toiletry Kit - I wonder where he can use this?

They say its the thoughts that count. but, shirt again?

He jogs every morning. This could be the best candidate.

Hmmm... I need more deliberation and a thorough decision on these choices. I'm not sure. I was wondering if a hug and a kiss would do to make him happy this holiday.

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mglawler said...

Thanks for the follow! I am following you as well.

Coupon Queen said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by today, I am following back. I must admit that after being married for 25 years my hubby is pretty easy to shop for now. It will get better as time goes on. Just look for cool stuff based on his hobbies, if he like to fish you could look for a great lure and a new rod, or if you guys don't get a lot of alone time have your sitter give you a coupon for a night out with a gift certificate from you to your favorite place. Guys like romance too. Have a great Christmas!

Ane said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :)

I am so not done with my Christmas shopping yet, but I am done shopping for my man.. :P

I'm sure he'd love the hug and kiss you'd give him. :P I like everything on your list except the toiletry kit.. LOL.. somehow it doesn't seem manly to me, but that's just me. LOL :D

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