March 21, 2012

Asia's Great Vacation Destinations For Families With Toddlers

Are you one of those moms who are seeking great vacation destinations for families with toddlers? For a couple of weeks now, one of the routines I have been accustomed of doing whenever I am online is to search for the cheapest and best deal for a family getaway. Nothing though fits our budget. 

So I just thought of researching online on the best destination for others who could afford to travel for a family summer vacation :)

Put Hong Kong as one of your target destinations. Kids would surely love to see Disneyland. It is one of the most visited places and vacation destinations for families with toddlers. Your family would be able to meet a lot of tourist too enjoying the family friendly ambiance of Disneyland. Since you are already in Hong Kong, why not roam around at The Ocean Park too. Let the kids be thrilled on their aquariums, dinosaur's exhibits and rides. Hong Kong Park is also of the greatest tourist destinations in Asia. They have a huge playground for kids and also mazes.

Vacation destinations for families with toddlers would be a little different than the adult travelers preferred places. Parents want their children to enjoy the trip. That is why they seek specific places where the kids can have fun too. Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort in Mactan Cebu Philippines is one of the top tourist vacation destinations specially during summer times. They offer wide range of fun activities for the whole family. The Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna Philippines is also one of the first options for vacation destinations of families who have toddlers.


anne said...

Hong Kong Disneyland was the most popular I guess. While we where in Asia we never miss to visit and enjoy the Disney Holiday Activities

Vermont bed and breakfast said...

Nice posts, it helps a lot for those families seeking for a vacation. Thanks for sharing this to us and looking forward always for more updates.

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