March 14, 2012

Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting: Know Your Limit

LOVE should always rule
Authoritarian and permissive parenting are said to be the two basic styles when it comes to disciplining children. The style of training the kids depends on the circumstances their family are in. 
However, both authoritarian and permissive parenting have pros and cons.

Authoritarian and permissive parenting can bring out both the positives and negatives on your kids. Authoritarian style is when parents put numbers on everything that their children should act. Kids are ordered to act in set standards. When kids falter to follow rules, they will receive punishment. The negative effect to children on this training style is that they they tend to rebel when they grew up. They will try to show to their parents that they are uncontrollable. Other kids think this is a normal set up thus history will repeat itself when they became parents too.

Permissive parenting style is when the parents trust their kids and expect them to behave well without any rules set. The aim is to give the kids training without the parents being authoritative. The children can do whatever things they want. Parents let them explore things. This is actually a good way of training children to develop their sense of responsibility and awareness. The bad side of it is when children themselves would never set any line that they won't cross and tends to do things that they aren’t suppose to do. 

Whatever rules we impose within our home, love should always rule and never fail to guide them and teach   them in every step of their way.

Now you know the difference between authoritarian and permissive parenting, which of the two are you using to your kids?

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Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

I suppose I'm a little of both, depending on the situation and the temperament of my three year-old. :)

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