March 30, 2012

OBM Baby Blast Event

This Summer, Give Your Kids A Early Head Start Education at OBM Baby Blast Event!

OBM Baby Blast Event is the best  way to give your kids a head start to sharpen their intellect at their early stage. This advocacy was created to promote an Early Head Start Education in preparation for kids social, physical and mental development. EHS has been around since 1995 in United States and Philippines and has been proven to be an effective way of developing kids abilities. It is believe to sharpen up the child's abilities and knowledge even with their young minds.

OBM Baby Blast Event strives to educate your kids in a fun way. At OBM Baby Blast Event, your kids will experience high quality learning while they enjoy being around with other kids too! Your kids would surely love the presence of other children around them while they are on a fun learning environment. Surely the children would enjoy the toys, art materials and new technology that are specifically made for early head starts learners. The event is not only for the kids, the whole family are invited to join! Give your children an enjoyable and fun education this summer, only at OBM BabyBlast Events. The event will be held in Trinoma Activity Center on April 22, 2012. Be there! And be sure to not miss it!

For more information about the event, please visit their Facebook page at or email to Goodies and 1 Free Pampering Service await the first 100 pre-registered participants! 

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