March 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Beauty and Fashion Trends

Spring is finally HERE! YAYYYY!!!! I am so happy! Today marks the start of Spring!  Doesn't this season make you happy? With all the flowers blooming and all the colors around us, what better way towelcome spring?  Have you thought about what you will wear?   What isyour style going to be?  Let me help you out with that with some of the Spring 2012 beauty and fashion trends.

1. Sorbet Separates 

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Spring is all about colors and sorbet is the go-to-color this season.
Pretty pastel hues on clothes, shoes and accessories are very much the trend right now.

2. Flower Power 

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What comes to mind when we think of spring?Flowers! Floral print is very much in style this spring.  Whether it's a small dose of it on your skirt, or full dose on your dresses and/or your accessories this is a trend that everyone can actually wear.

3. Out of Africa 

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The safari trend and anything in reference to Africa is a big trend this season.  Whether it's the animal prints, the mix of earthy colors or geometric patterns, anything that has a tribal element to it is big this season.

4. Gatsby's Got It 

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Designers were so into the elegance of the 1920's.  Flapper-like dresses, rich silk, feathers, art deco beadings and even pajama trends were all over the runway.

5. Sport Couture (photo courtesy of

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This season we are no longer restricted to wearing our workout clothes in the gym nor would you be frowned upon anymore if you dress up your athletic clothes and give it a more high fashion statement.
Sweatshirts are getting the luxury treatment and everyone can explore their sporty side with a streamlined take on sportif dressing.

6.  Lessons in Geometry 
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Geometric prints were the funnest and most unexpected print trend for Spring. Ranging from dresses to accessories, bold geometric shapes are sure to catch the eye. And if you're daring enough, try geometric statement necklaces.

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Melody is a retired model blogging about fashion, food and everything in between;  She also owns a gourmet cupcakery & where she releases her creative side and love of sweets. Melody loves vintage clothes and accessories but appreciates what's new in fashion as well but at the end of the day it's her love for her daughter that will shine through that you would see in her eyes for she's the whole world to her. 

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