April 11, 2012

"B" by Sarah Kay

“B” is an illustration of a mother’s love to her child, a reflection of my mother’s untiring love. Reading “B” by Sarah Kay, made me realize that no matter how I face life, I know somehow I will come back to where I have started, to my family.  Just as how I would love my daughter to know that her mother will always be around to watch her succeed and faces her bitter-sweet circumstances.

 “B” is a love letter, wish, promise, confession and a secret all at once. It makes a perfect gift from a mother to her daughter or to every child for her parent all over the world. With illustrations by Sophia Janowitz and dreamy endpapers, this sleek, blue volume gives meaning of a mother’s love and compassion to her daughter and vice versa.

Word per word has its meaning and I enjoyed the illustration that went along with it.

“B” is now considered one of 12 books in Seth Godin’s The Domino Project experiment.
Originally performed at TEDtalk 2011, "B" has made quite a splash since its November release, here’s TED video by Sarah Kay: http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html 

Are you thinking about the best gift on Mother’s day? “B” is perfect!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for writing this post.  I was provided a copy of "B" for review 

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