April 27, 2012

Proper Way To Disciple A Toddler Specially For First Time Parents

Many couple find it hard to figure the absolute proper way to disciple their toddler, specially those first time parents. There is no such thing as one specific method to disciple our child. The way we discipline them may differ on the way they act. Misbehavior happens to our children from time to time, that is why we need to set methods on how we discipline them. The more options we know, the better.

Say for instance, your toddler is misbehaving and he is wanting you to watch him as he do his misbehaving acts. Ignoring him would be the best thing to do. Once he realize that you are not giving him any attention on his misbehavior he will stop what he was doing.

Some parents these days give their kids the best in life like they are shoving some spoon of gold on their kid's mouth. Which is actually not a good thing to do. Over-spoiled child when they are on their adulthood stage tend to be uncontrollable and they would always want to get what they want. You should give you your kids what they want but you must set limitations too.

Being a passionate parent would be the very key to discipline your toddler rightly. Put love on everything that you do for them and show them that they are loved in every second they are awake, even when they are asleep. Toddler would always want feel secured and wants to see his parent around him. So be there for him when he needs you around.

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march on... said...

I agree with ignoring a child when he/she misbehaves in public. The last thing I will give them in this situation is an audience. My kids are now toddlers and as much as it is a challenge for parents, discipline with love is the key. thanks for sharing this.

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