December 17, 2012

SWAT Review: Supplements for Military

S.W.A.T Fuel is one of the best sellers of supplements for the military and it helps the militaries to have a superhuman bodies. SWAT Fuel helps them have good stamina, endurance, focus, and to have a powerful energy. SWAT Fuel founder, Dan Olesnicky, M.D is a S.W.A.T team physician and police officer in Palm Springs, California, and has been training S.W.A.T and SpecOps for over a decade.
He is also practicing full time internal medicine and emergency physician. Dan’s law enforcement experience began as a S.W.A.T Team physician with Clifton Police Department in Clifton,NJ. Then he became a Tactical Medicine instructor with the HK International Training Division, and he is still teaching today with the International School of Tactical Medicine (ISTM). He is a recognized authority and sought-after international lecturer on emergency medicine, weight loss, physiology, S.W.A.T team nutrition and fitness. That’s why he realized that there’s a better way to fuel the body of a military to have a warrior body.
S.W.A.T Fuel is dedicated to help America. Our products are made here in the USA, creating a job for the Americans. The 10% of our profits will directly go to the charities supporting our Military, EMS, Fire Fighters, and Scouts, Education, Medical Research and other vital needs.
Special Weapons and Tactics for the body or S.W.A.T fuels for the bodies are SOLID FUEL and LIQUID FUEL that’s the product we designed for you to give you a superhuman potential that’s expected you every time when your boots hit on the ground.
If you have questions about the products you can call SWAT Fuel at (866) 915-6670(866) 915-6670 or through email at
Some SWAT Fuel distributors and partners are Max Muscle Palm Desert and Maddox Defense, Police Magazine, Spyderco, International School of Tactical Medicine.

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