August 16, 2014

Guyabano Leaves Tea

Last night I had some boiled Guyabano leaves for tea. It is called soursop in English. The Guyabano leaves are oval and is shiny in texture. The Guyabano tree is mostly cultivated in the Philippines and other southeast asian countries. Guyabano tree is also found in Mexico and some parts of native central America.

For years, Ive been witnessing my grandmother who drinks boiled Guyabano leaves regularly. She said that it is effective for preventing cancer.

And for the love of health and my belief if natural medicine, last night I had a cup of boiled Guyabano leaves for my tea. it wasn't taste so bad as I thought. Not even as stronger as the tea that I used to buy from the supermarket.

Over the internet you can research the different health benefits of Guyabano. Aside from its potential to fight cancer, it can also combat depression, diabetes, arthiritis which I am experiencing at 32, rheumatism, and other skin diseases.

It's worth a try.

I would like to know, what kind f tea do you drink regularly? What specific benefits are you after by drinking tea?

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