April 29, 2015

Pinay visits Canada for the first time

My daughter and I arrived to Canada during the winter season of 2015. Why winter? As you can see in the picture above, my daughter wished to build a snowman, which she can't do in the Philippines, apparently. So, with excitement, we landed to this beautiful land on February 19, 2015. We are both excited as this is our first travel abroad.

My daugther's first snowman
Finally, one of my daughter's dream came true, TO BUILD A SNOWMAN. What happened during our stay were the bonuses. We visited some of the great landmarks in Toronto like the Royal Toronto Zoo, where both of us got to see a panda bear for the first time.
Our trip to the Royal Toronto Zoo

Three things I observed that I love about this country are:

1. Work - Life Balance : People have 2 or more jobs a day. I observed that mostly work more than 10 hours per week. Despite this, they have a 2-day break which is the weekend and that they make sure that these free times are well-spent. Barbecue party, roaming around beautiful landmarks, family parties, and shopping are some of the activities that many do.

Most importantly, looking for a job is so easy. Imagine a high school graduate here in Canada can work as a Bank Teller. In the Philippines, you need to have a degree and must came to a reputable university.

In Canada, employment is open to everyone who wish to take it regardless if you are experienced or not.

2. Weather: I like the idea of wearing sweatshirt or jackets. It is so easy to manage as it does not require much of a fashion. To more explanation needed.

3. Recreations: Different recreational activities in Canada is for everyone. Rich or poor can avail the same level benefits especially to children,

If I will be given the chance to live in this country permanently, I would gladly take it.

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