June 28, 2015

The Rainbow and God's Promise to Noah

I read to Bernice about the story of Noah from Genesis (Old Testament) as our Bible lesson which we will tackle for 1 week through story reading, activities, and artwork.

She is shocked when I told her that God wiped out the humanity through the flooding. I also asked her to re-tell the story based on how she understood it. Her comment was, "Because people became bad and they are punished by God." Which is totally correct.

Before we ended up our conversation about Noah and the Ark, I explained to her the importance of the Rainbow in the story. Which symbolizes the promise that God will never flood the earth again. To illustrate, we created a rainbow to hang in her room. The materials we used are plastic paper (or paper plate), colored papers, glue, and a string.

And so God made this promise to Noah,

"I make this covenant with you and with all creatures.
From this day on,
there will always come a time for planting, 
and a time for gathering up what was planted.
Day will always follow night,
the warm days of summer
will always follow
the cold and snow of winter,
as long as the earth shall be.
Never again will I destroy the world with a flood."

You can click the link here to get this short story and explanation about the rainbow and the promise by God. A simple explanation and can be used for your child's reading too. If you have other resources to supplement this lesson, feel free to comment to help other filipino homeschooling families.

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