June 24, 2015

Trial and Error Stage of Homeschooling

We use popsicle sticks as manipulative for addition and subtraction.

This is our second week of our trial and error homeschooling. I say trial and error because I am still in the process of absorbing and processing all the challenges that may come along our way as we journey toward our first year of homeschooling.

Trial and error stage, making use of our boxes at home as our improvised tables. 
We bought a blackboard in Expressions with colored chalks.

My daughter is now in 1st grade. Perfect to start a homeschool. But the truth is that, it is way too challenging than I was expected. Not to mention the time and days spent searching for the right school that will help me nourish my daughter's academic excellence and guide build her character.

Last Friday, my daughter and I visited a DepEd  homeschool provider called The Masters Academy in Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines. What made me to finally visit TMA is the fact that their curriculum is centered in the nourishing the child's not only mentally but spiritually. I also like the fact that every parent/guardian must attend to the family orientation, letting us open our minds to fully understand the importance of homeschooling and as to why we should start embracing this new system.

Each enrolled student will be undergoing a diagnostic test to assess the level of each student and for them to provide the right curriculum for our children. There is no passed or failed in the diagnostic test.

Right now, since I am still waiting for the recommended curriculum by TMA, I took the initiative of researching topics and worksheets suitable for my daughter's age. I found several worksheets that we both enjoy working on. One example for first grade math is the Homeschool Math. I like this website because it is systematized and the all worksheets are FREE Of course, I will tell more of my newly found resources as I go along and I hope that you will join me on this journey as a new homeschooling mom.

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