July 12, 2015

Basic Needs Artwork and Other Materials for Grade 1

At a very young age, it is very important to educate our children the importance and difference between the basic needs and wants.

Basic needs as we all know are the things that we cannot live without like water, shelter, food, and clothes, While the examples of wants are the toys, television, and other material things they enjoy.

Today, we asked three simple questions, and maybe you can ask your kids as well.
1. What are our basic needs?
2. Why is food important?
3. Why are clothing, shelter and water also important?

You can also perform any of the following activities.
1. Create an album of your basic needs.
2. Cut out pictures of your basic needs. Paste them on a cartolina. Describe each picture.
3. Think of a song about home. Draw your interpretation of the song.

For the criteria in preparing your artwork, level of performance is from very good, good, fair, and poor
(or 4, 3, 2, 1)

1. Work shows one basic needs.
2. Work is easy to understand.
3. Work is neatly done.
4. Work shows creativity.

As for my first grader, I asked her to cut and paste pictures of the basic needs from an old magazine and book to create an album. So far so good. 

My reference for this activity is the book Philippines' Pride published by Rex Publishing.

THis YouTube video is also worth watching if your kids enjoy learning through watching.

Happy homeschooling.

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