July 09, 2015

Comparing Numbers (<,>,=) For First Grade

For 3 days we are studying comparing numbers. We are using Math For Life 1 textbook by Rex Publishing.

I taught her single - 3 digits comparisons since I am mixing our lesson with place value from ones - hundreds. So we are learning 2 Math lessons at the same time  I think it supplement each other so I am doing this as my technique. As an additional materials, I found some online games related to the topic just click Internet4Classrooms to to straight to the online games we used.

I believe being able to teach our children with number comparison at an earlier stage will help her determine higher numbers for her future Math lessons. It is also relevant in real life situation.

Here is a tip for us parents to teach our children in this lesson.

If you can share other resources for this topic for our other Filipino Homeschooling families to use, feel free to comment below.

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