March 31, 2016

Writing Reviews as an Easy Way Passive Income

Are you looking for an effective passive income as a blogger?
You are reading this blog for a reason. Two years ago, I came across at this website called LinkVehicle as the perfect and easy way to earn a passive income over through blogging. LinkVehicle is open to bloggers or webmasters who have an English-language, quality website in any niche. 

LinkVehicle will allow you to write reviews about different categories, post advertisers products or services in your YouTube channels, and also allows you to earn through referrals. The best thing about this platform is that it will let you provide the price you prefer. 

If your blog is chosen by the advertisers, you will be notified via email with the advertiser's details, keywords needed for the review that you are about to write, deadline, price and other information that you need to know. You will then accept or decline the proposal.

As for the payment, it will be sent to you through your PayPal account every end of the month with no extra charges.

Who doesn't want an extra passive income, right? For work at home moms or college students who are maintaining blogs, LinkVehicle is a great way to earn extra. 

Try LinkVehicle now to start earning your passive income and let me know how's your first experience went. Good luck!

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