About Me

Professionally --

I am a Virtual Assistant for small - medium business owners, coaches, and speakers.

My happiness – to help and contribute.

Working with  dynamic and inspiring solo-entrepreneurs from other parts of the globe opened me to many ideas and possibilities to succeed using my hidden skills and expertise.

Working from home continuously showers me with the privileges to express my ideas, discover the importance social media, love the power of marketing, and indulge myself with the latest updates about business trends. Through this venture, I have realized that sky is the limit if you show your potential. Most importantly, I enjoy every bits of my work.

I’ve realized that not all business owners are expert of some aspects in their business or maybe they are too busy to do it all. Setting up a website and managing their social media accounts can be very time consuming or they don’t really have knowledge to do it all.

This is where my idea of creating Juicy Startups came it - to help solo-entrepreneurs ease their weight in setting up their business. I am passionate about startups. In my years as a Virtual Assistant and Online Entrepreneur, I gained extensive training and experiences in social media, WordPress, and training programs which I will be sharing with you through this website.

Personally ---

I am a wife.

A mother.

A friend.

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